Published on 4/12/2022

By law, when a storage facility customer stops paying for his/her unit Eagle Self Storage must auction the contents of the unit in a public auction to pay (or help pay) for the amount owed. In Accordance with the New York State lien law § 182 any storage unit that is delinquent more than 30 days is subject to public auction. The storage unit customer will have 10 days of the auction notice to make the account current. After the 10-day period the unit number and customer name will be advertised in the local newspaper. Unless payment is made in full and received in the Eagle Self Storage office prior to the auction the unit will be auctioned off. Here is how it works:

1. Eagle Self Storage sends out auction notices scheduling the auction.

2. The auction date, time, location and the units are advertised in the local newspaper.

3. The day of the auction, an auctioneer runs the public auction.

4. Each unit is auctioned one unit at a time. The locks are cut off, and the door is opened. The storage auction buyers have a few minutes to look inside of the unit before the bidding begins.

5. The auctioneer begins the bidding process and the storage auction buyers bid on the units. The highest bidder for each unit wins the entire contents of that unit.

6. The winner bidder(s) pay the winning amount and a security deposit in cash only at the close of the auction.

7. After the auction paperwork is completed, the winning bidders will remove all contents from the units that they purchased by close of business that day.

8. When winning bidder has the contents completely removed, and the unit broom clean the facility will return the security deposit.

Auction FAQ

1. Can an owner of a unit scheduled for auction get their unit removed from the auction?
Yes. Up until the auction is scheduled to begin they can pay the full back balance and any applicable fees to keep their unit from being auctioned.

2. Who can purchase storage units?
Anyone who is over 18 years old who attends an Eagle Self Storage auction can purchase a storage unit.

3. Where do I find out about Eagle Self Storage auctions?
Several ways: a. You can send us your email address and phone number and we can contact you before each auction. b. You can check this website for the posting of the next auction. c. Eagle Self Storage auctions are publicized in the Lockport Journal in the legal section prior to each auction.

4. What should I bring to my first auction at Eagle Self Storage?
Gloves, cash, flashlight and some people to help you with a car, truck or trailer to remove the items from the facility.

5. How do I win a storage unit at the auction?
Very simple, you just keeping bidding until you are the highest bidder. When you are the highest bidder the auctioneer will announce that the unit is sold.

6. Tell me about the locks on the units:
Each unit has a customer lock on one slot in the door latch. When a unit becomes delinquent for unpaid rent, the facility puts additional lock- called an overlock on the second slot in the door latch to prevent the tenant from accessing the unit. At the auction the facility removes the overlock and cuts off the tenants lock to begin the auction of that unit.

7. How do I know what the rules are for the auction?
The auctioneer will review all of the rules prior to the start of the auction. All sales are final and goods are sold “as is “.en and women that serve our country- we are proud. We would like to give back and offer all active military a $5 discount on each monthly rental.