Boat Storage

Published on 4/12/2022

If you own a boat then you are not new to hard work.  There is nothing fun about winterizing your boat.. There are a number of things you may want to do before you put it in storage. Otherwise, mechanical problems can arise from disuse. Here is a list of important steps to consider:

1. Routine maintenance: Remember engine maintenance such as changing the oil and filter and topping off all the fluids fluids.

2. Remember fuel stabilizer:  You may want to fill the fuel tanks 7/8 to allow for expansion in the spring and and fuel stabilizer( based on manufactures instructions). It is a good idea to run the engine run for a little before storing your boat so that the fuel stabilizer can circulate.  The stabilizer will make sure the fuel doesn't break down.

3. Coolant: Check your coolant in closed cooling systems for the proper degree of protection.

4. Hoses: Check all hoses, belts and clamps.

5. Flush:  Flush your head with plenty of fresh water and pump out your holding tank. Run non-toxic antifreeze through the intake lines.

6. Water areas: Turn off your water heater, and completely drain your fresh water tanks and water heater. don't to run non-toxic anti-freeze through ice makers, sump pumps, air conditioning pumps and bilge pumps.

7. Battery:  Eagle Self Storage does not provide outlets for charging car batteries.  It is advisable that you remove your battery and take it home to keep it on a trickle charger. Before removing your battery, be sure to follow manufacturers recommended policies for on-board computers, stereos, or alarms regarding access codes needed when you put the battery back in.

8. Lube the hinges: Its always a good idea to lube all of the hinges,latches and locks to keep them in good working order.

9. Make a list:  Its always a good idea to make a notes of all the things you did in preparation for storage and put the list in the car so you have it handy when you go to reverse the steps when taking it out of storage.

10. Insurance: You might be tempted to cancel your vehicle insurance while it is in storage.  Although it might seem like an initial savings at first, your insurance company could raise your insurance later due to the gap in coverage.

11. Covering your boat:  Its a good idea to use some type of cover if you are storing outside.  There are various materials and methods each are used by personal preference.  Some use boat owners plastic tarps, canvas covers, and in many cases have the boat shrink wrapped.  Any of these will help protect your boat from dust, sun damage, birds and other animals. Be sure to check your owners manual for recommended procedures.